“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1


Recently, I ran across the picture below from a couple of years ago.  Yes, I must have been completely out of my mind.

But, I was reminded that life is full of risks.  We take a risk every time we get in a car, go to work, or engage in relationships.

Following God is full of risks.  It is difficult to walk our way through uncertainty.  However, we often take risks on things that don’t matter.  For example, jumping out of a plane is a huge risk, but people do it.  But, when it comes to God, we view some risks as too big.  We don’t reach out to the person at the grocery store, never invite people to church, and keep our faith to ourselves.  Apparently, the risk is too great.  We don’t say it with our words, but our actions scream it.

If we are willing to take risks in the here and now, why not take a risk that could impact eternity?  We walk to the edge of the cliff, but instead of jumping into all God has for us, we stand, waiting. But, God has called us to a life of faith.  In light of eternity, what risk are you willing to take for Christ?  What is He calling you to do?  So, go ahead and jump.