How do we make our dreams a reality?  A Life Unleashed by Christine Caine is a parallel between pregnancy and the birth process for your dream.  Although the premise might seem unnerving, the comparison between the two different experiences in life is compelling.  Accomplishing your dreams requires stages of growth and development.  Although a female reader would relate more to Caine’s personal experience, it is a must read.

Here are some thoughts that were inspiring:

“Our ability to see our future as a current reality is one of the greatest keys to realizing our dreams.  Vision is the fuel that keeps us passionately pursuing our dreams even when they seem a long way off.”

“Don’t leave the field—God doesn’t want you to walk off the field the moment life doesn’t seem to be going as you planned.”

“Don’t try to take someone else’s position—God wants you to live your life, not someone else’s.  Be obedient to all He has called you to be.”