Everbody Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell is a practical and compelling book on communication.  As a recognized leadership expert, he identifies key areas that can improve anyone’s communication, even if you are not a professional speaker.  Communication is a struggle for most people, not to mention connecting with others.  Maxwell inspires the reader to grow in their ability to connect with others.  Through connection, communication is effective and meaningful to every audience.  Maxwell also argues that connecting with others is a skill not a personality trait.  Therefore, everyone has the potential to impact people through honing the skill of connection.

Maxwell identified these five key steps to practically connect with people.

  • Connect on common ground
  • Keep it simple
  • Create an enjoyable experience
  • Inspire people
  • Live what you communicate
  • Here are some quotes from the book:

    The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.” – Jesse Giglio

    Secrecy spawns isolation, not success.”- John Maxwell

    People have remote controls in their heads today.  If you don’t catch their interest, they just click you off.” – Myrna Marofsky

    No matter your personality type, people who talk to people need to read this book.  Maxwell’s simple and practical presentation will inspire you to grow as a communicator and connector.