How to Lead & Still Have a Life by H. Dale Burke discusses the 8 principles of “Less is More” leadership.  Any person in leadership has struggled or will struggle with leading people and organizations, while maintaining their life.  Even though the book is written from a pastoral leadership perspective, it can apply to anyone in leadership.  One area that I felt was significant identified four types of “think” time.  They are rest time, results time, response time and refocus time.  We need time to connect with God, time with limited distractions to be productive, time to respond to the needs of others, as well as time to evaluate your life, ministry, and work.

Here is a quote from the book:

“So you see, the problem of “good enough” is not just an organizational problem faced by churches and corporations…it is a “human problem.” It affects and infects every venture attempted by human beings.  The research of Jim Collins and the ancient wisdom of Jesus Christ agree: Good enough is the enemy of great.” (p.163)

If you struggle with doing everything as a leader, this book will help you with the practical steps to enjoy your life, and lead your organization.  Every leader who is overwhelmed needs to read this book.