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[dropcaps style=’bold’]I[/dropcaps]n the midst of new beginnings, we can be afraid to launch. We really need someone to push us off the diving board into the deep end. That fear, though, can occur in quiet ways. It causes us from getting wet.


You want to start running but think all your neighbors will laugh at you. 

You want to write a book but figure that it has already been said. 

You want to start a business but feel like it can’t be done.

You want to go back to school, but the task seems daunting. 


Fear is sneaky. It will stop you before you start and disqualify you before you can make a move. If you remember summer days at the pool, the people in the water were the ones having fun. Sitting on the sidelines is a boring way to spend your summer, and it is an even worse way to spend your life.


With the launch of the new website, I am embarking on a new season, as well. Of course, there will still be the infamous series of Monday Morning Coffee with Hona devotionals. Additionally, this blog is going to be about doing life differently. I believe how we live our life impacts our family, friends, health, and ultimately our destiny. However, I keep encountering people who are trying to figure out how to live life well and accomplish their dreams. They have become frustrated by not getting the results that they desire. Maybe you have experienced this frustration in your own life. Honestly, it is a challenge to put all the pieces together, but within the challenge lies an opportunity for us to journey together. Like you, I have some new dreams that are in the works right now. Fear is right there as well. But, sometimes when you are standing at the end of the diving board, you need someone to cheer for you. And you feel like you can jump right in to the deep end. 


I want to cheer for you. 


If you need to launch something, the fear will be there. Do it anyway.



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