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[dropcaps style=’square’]If[/dropcaps] given the choice, we would usually choose for God to work through us over God working in us. When God is working through us, we can see some of the tangible results of how God is impacting people around us. And that is exciting. It can actually be thrilling. Many times, we would rather pass on the other part of the equation. Yet, it doesn’t work that way.


We can all recognize the times God is working in us, because it is uncomfortable. Our prayers change. We stop praying for patience, and we start praying for perseverance. The attitude that needs to be changed, the bitterness that we need to let go, or the act of trusting God instead of ourselves can force us to confront the very things in our lives that we don’t like. We don’t like it that we lose our temper. We don’t like it that we have a hard time believing. We don’t like it when we face hard things. These very situations cause us to grow. Growth can be uncomfortable. Growing through hard situations can be confusing. Some might question how a loving God could put us through these situations. We might be asking the wrong question. We have to settle it in our hearts that God is kind. He cares so much about you that He is wanting to build something beautiful in your life. 


Growth results in change – a changed heart, a changed perspective, a changed life. 


Growth is uncomfortable, and we don’t necessarily welcome this discomfort. When God is working in us, it’s not always visible to the outside. But, if we lean into the process, we will find that God is guiding us to a place where He can work through us in a greater capacity. God working in us can result in God working through us.  Yet, our view of God will impact our view of Him working in our lives. God is good and does good. The growth and discomfort might not seem like a good option, but the reality is that it might be the best option.

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