“So keep the command and the rules and regulations that I command you today. Do them. And this is what will happen: When you, on your part, will obey these directives, keeping and following them, God, on his part, will keep the covenant of loyal love that he made with your ancestors: ‘He will love you, he will bless you, he will increase you’…You’re going to think to yourselves, ‘Oh! We’re outnumbered ten to one by these nations! We’ll never even make a dent in them!’ But I’m telling you, Don’t be afraid. Remember, yes, remember in detail what God, your God, did to Pharaoh and all Egypt.


Remember the great contests to which you were eyewitnesses: the miracle-signs, the wonders, God’s mighty hand as he stretched out his arm and took you out of there. God, your God, is going to do the same thing to these people you’re now so afraid of…So don’t be intimidated by them. God, your God, is among you—God majestic, God awesome. God, your God, will get rid of these nations, bit by bit. You won’t be permitted to wipe them out all at once lest the wild animals take over and overwhelm you. But God, your God, will move them out of your way—he’ll throw them into a huge panic until there’s nothing left of them. He’ll turn their kings over to you and you’ll remove all trace of them under Heaven. Not one person will be able to stand up to you; you’ll put an end to them all.” Deuteronomy 7:11-12, 17-19, 21-24 (MSG)


The end of Moses’ life was drawing near, and he had final instructions from the Lord to give to the Israelites in the book of Deuteronomy. In this particular segment, Moses was encouraging the people to follow God and remember His faithfulness. As they were approaching the Promised Land, there would still be battles that the Israelites would face. Moses kept encouraging the people to remember the victories that came when they never thought they would leave Egypt; remember the obstacles that God overcame when they stood before a sea that seemed immovable. Interestingly, God was giving the Israelites these instructions even before they experienced the Promised Land. He didn’t tell them all the specific battles they would face; yet there was a plan for their deliverance and prosperity before it happened. If God had driven out all their enemies before they arrived in the Promised Land, then the land would have become uninhabitable. God not only wanted to give them the land; He wanted to give it to them in such a way that it would be a blessing for them. There would still be battles and fear on the other side of the Jordan River as they walked into God’s promise; yet, God was still with them.


As we walk in covenant relationship with God, we can count on Him to be true to His Word. While we will still face situations where fear wants to dictate our decisions, we can be confident that God is going before us. Like the Israelites, there will still be battles ahead. Just because there would be opposition didn’t mean God wasn’t with the Israelites. God had actually already gone before them, and He is going before you as well. When you are facing your next battle, remember God’s faithfulness and provision. Remember His care for you. Remember how He helped you overcome insurmountable odds. Remember how He provided when you didn’t know where the money would come from. He didn’t do all of that just for you to forget. He did it, because He loves you and wants you to place your confidence in what He can do instead of what you can do. If you are facing anxiety that keeps taunting you at night or fear of the unknown has its grip on you, remembering God’s faithfulness is an answer for our fear. When we understand the greatness of the God we serve, the obstacles don’t have to disqualify us from a life of faith. So, the next time you are facing a sea that won’t part or a person who opposes you, believe God and remember His faithfulness. He is still the God who parts seas, raises the dead to life, and sets captivates free. It’s in the remembering where our fear lessens, and our faith rises to the surface. God not only wants to be faithful; He wants accomplish His purpose in such a way that you will celebrate His blessing in your life.

Scripture taken from THE MESSAGE. Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002.  Used by permission of NavPress Publishing Group. 

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