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[dropcaps style=”]I[/dropcaps]t was a morning just like every other morning, but I was running a little late and decided to squeeze in a run. Off on my usual route in my neighborhood, I smiled at my fellow neighbors who were doing a little exercise to jump start the day. I turned back to head home, and an older lady was walking down the opposite side of the road. I was tired, but as I ran by her, I looked at her face and her name popped into my head. On this ordinary morning, my 1st grade teacher was walking in my neighborhood. I had a split second to decide, and not wanting our next conversation to be in heaven, I stopped running and went back to her and said, “Excuse me. This may seem strange, but are you _____?”


She said, “Why I sure am!”


I said, “You may not remember me, but my name is Hona Amer and I had you in 1st grade.”


When I woke up that day, I had no idea that conversation would be included. Those words started a conversation; I am so glad that I stopped. We chatted for a few minutes,  and talked about the time gap, family, and how its okay to serve dinner on paper plates instead of fancy dishes. I wished her a great day. This teacher had been close to retirement when she was my teacher, and decades later, she would have never recognized me. That moment was up to me, and I could have missed it. Before that day,  I probably wouldn’t have stopped. I was running and a little out of breath; it seemed a little inconvenient. What if it wasn’t the right person? Besides, there seems to always be a next time.  I am learning that we aren’t guaranteed next time. Right now is “that time” for which we keep waiting. It’s in the here and now that we live our lives. All morning I thought I was running late, when all along I had been right on time.

This Moment

It’s easy to get into a habit of walking by when we should stop. You may need to stop and have a conversation too. 

Take the time.


Make the phone call.


Stop and be with your people.


If we get too busy running everywhere, we will one day wake up and realize we missed the moments. Life’s too short to miss our moment.


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