Prioritize Your To-Do List

Your to-do list is probably overflowing. I know mine is full this week. Then, there are all the additional things like lunch with a friend, cleaning that spare room, planning a night out, showing up at an event…We try. We try to be it all to everybody, but then we give the leftovers to the people we love most.

So, let’s keep it simple. What is the one thing you need to do this week to move the needle? We might laugh at that question because we feel like we have 99 things that we HAVE to do. Instead of overwhelming ourselves and feeling like we fail before we start, pick one thing that you would label a success if you complete it this week…

Hidden with a Calling from God

We can walk through seasons of life where we may feel that God has hidden us away without explanation. We might not be a prophet to a nation announcing pending doom, but we may be a person, like Jeremiah, who is trying to fulfill our calling. What good is a calling if God does not allow us to outwork it in our lives? God is allowing you to outwork it in your life, but it may look different than you had hoped.

4 Habits for Managing the Opinions of Others

  Photo by Jonathan Smith via Creative Commons When you start something new or make a change, everyone will have an opinion. It’s just the reality. It can be easy to let opinions, not business mentorship or wise counsel, derail your progress. It’s easier to be captain when you’re not in the ship.  Your ship

Examine the Evidence

Jesus was walking by this blind man when Jesus’ disciples asked if this man had sinned or his parents. It was tradition in that day that a physical aliment was a result of sin in someone’s life. Jesus dismissed this part of the conversation and brought their attention to the person. He made a clay paste and put it on the man’s eyes. When the blind man washed his eyes, he was able to see. However, not everyone was thrilled about the healing this man experienced. The blind man’s parents were worried about getting kicked out of the synagogue so they wouldn’t give validation to Jesus for healing their son. The Pharisees were unhappy, because it was the Sabbath and a man couldn’t be healed in this manner on that day. The Pharisees were trying to find ways to condemn Jesus. Yet, the blind man looked at the evidence more than the Pharisees’ evaluation. He knew one thing: he was blind and now he could see everything around him…

5 Ways to Grow Your Network

Have you ever tried to buy something you need (car, phone, house, etc.) and feel like a sales person was just being phony? Meeting new people can feel similar. There’s a saying that the next five years will be most impacted by the books you read and people you meet. I’m an introvert by nature, so it takes extra energy to go out and spend time networking at large social events. You can pass out so many business cards without ever feeling that a real connection with someone occurred.