Picture by Ben White -Creative Commons

We have to make decisions everyday. Little decisions, such as what to wear, eat, or when to go to bed, are not hard. Yet, other times, we find ourselves standing at the crossroads, not knowing which direction to take. The big questions in life usually are best answered through the decisions we make.


Where should I go to school?

What job should I take?

Should I move?

Should I start a business?


It can be easy for us to feel like these big decisions are exclusive. By choosing one, we forsake all others. I have a tendency to view decisions through this lens. You get one or the other. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way at all? Instead of making an either/0r decision, what if you made a “yes and” decision? It is quite possible that you could work your dream job and start your dream business at the same time. It is quite likely that you could live on a ranch and travel the world. You may have two desires that feel conflicting, but it may just be a matter of timing. “Yes and” decisions are not intended to weigh your life down with more responsibilities; it actually gives you permission and freedom to embrace a life that you love. In evaluating your decisions, here are three simple questions to ask yourself.

1. How is this decision bringing me closer to the life I want? 

2. By making this decision, what am I forsaking and what am I gaining?

3. What is my “yes and” in this decision? 


You can still make the pro and con list, get feedback from mentors, and crunch the numbers. Yet, ultimately the decisions that we make are going to propel us forward in a direction. We need to start being honest with ourselves instead of spending so much effort to make the people around us happy with our decisions. If this is your goal, you will only have either/or decisions, because it is rarely possible to make everyone happy. Make sure the direction is one that you are willing to embrace. It doesn’t just have to be either/or; consider your next decision in the framework of “yes and”!


What decisions are you making this week/month/year that could propel you forward? Leave a comment below!