Hona Amer is an author, speaker, and professor. After graduating with her bachelor degree from college in 2 1/2 years followed by her MBA degree, she went on to write the book, Smart Work U, about her debt-free college experience, while giving helpful tips for students and parents to navigate the college process. Whether she is instructing in a college classroom, speaking to an audience, or writing on her blog, she is passionate about inspiring others to live their best life. Her series, Monday Morning Coffee with Hona, has been read all over the world.
Hona Amer, speaker, author, writer, conference speaker



What started as an outlet to process things I am learning in life has evolved into an entrepreneurship + leadership + lifestyle blog. I have spent years learning about starting and growing businesses, doing it, earning a MBA degree and Ph.D. degree, and helping others build their business, as well.


I started this blog as Liveoutlife.com in 2008 to experiment with blogging. What I found is that I love to write, learn, and share it with others. The site transitioned to HonaAmer.com and now has focused on business, leadership, and lifestyle. If you peruse the Internet for leadership blogs written by women, the list is few and far between. However, I believe that leadership applies to all people, and that most people have at least one business idea that is worth pursuing. The combination of these two distinct areas makes this site unique.


My book, Smart Work U, was published in 2011, which opened up new opportunities to help college students and their parents figure out the college process without going bankrupt with loads of college debt. One of my greatest joys over the last six years has been teaching in college classrooms every week, helping the next generation learn about business. Even so, I want you to share in the journey so you can live the life you desire as a entrepreneur or leader in your chosen industry.


Thank you SO much for joining me on this journey, whether you are a new visitor or long-time friend. Your continued support is invaluable!






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