God Will Finish What He Started

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Scripture: “When Joshua was an old man, the Lord said to him, ‘You are growing old, and much land remains to be conquered. This is the territory that remains: all the regions of the Philistines and the Geshurites, and the larger territory of the Canaanites, extending from the stream of Shihor on the border of Egypt, northward to the

Take Courage

Scripture: “I commanded Joshua at that time, ‘You’ve seen with your own two eyes everything God, your God, has done to these two kings. God is going to do the same thing to all the kingdoms over there across the river where you’re headed. Don’t be afraid of them. God, your God—he’s fighting for you.’   At that same

We Won’t Move Without Him

So Elimelech decided to move his family from his homeland to Moab, an enemy country. When they arrived in Moab, it went from bad to worse. The patriarch of the family died, the sons married foreign women, and then Naomi’s sons died. Elimelech tried to solve their problems by moving them only to have the challenges accumulate. He was trying to save his family from the family only to lose the very thing he tried to preserve. The weight of the family was now on Naomi who decided to return home to Judah. Changing their location did nothing to bring provision when God was not in the move…

Encountering God on Holy Ground

Joshua was about to lead the Israelites into one of the key battles as they entered the Promised Land. This first battle would set the tone for the Israelites. Yet, before they moved ahead, Joshua encountered a warrior. His questioning of this stranger makes it apparent that Joshua did not recognize him. The commander of God’s army came to deliver a specific word. His first instructions were for Joshua to take off his sandals in worship…

Don’t Stop at Halfway

God had already given the Israelites the Promised Land, but there came a point when they still had not taken hold of what God had promised. They had fought battles at Jericho, Ai, Gibeon, and other places. Joshua continually led the people as he had been instructed by Moses. Each of the twelve tribes was to receive a land inheritance, with the exception of the Levites. At this point, the people had done part of what God had commanded, but not all…