The One Who Still Cares

Does Jesus care? This issue can cause us to question God when we are facing difficulty. Does He care when you are facing and loss and not knowing where to go? We, like Mary and Martha, know Jesus is the answer, but how do we reconcile His care for us when we are broken? This story shows us that Jesus was the answer, but He also cared about the heartache of Mary and Martha…

Anthem in the Darkness

Midnight was the darkest time of the night, but it was at that time and in that place where they held fast to the faithfulness of God. Praise began to infiltrate the entire prison as weak bodies were overshadowed by a strong spirit within. God, in response to this praise, responded. The chains that were holding them in this dark place were broken for them and everyone else in the prison.

Our Deliverer is Coming

In our lives, difficult circumstances can cause us to question God’s care. We may be diligently praying for an answer or deliverance, and our circumstances just go from bad to worse. How do we reconcile God’s care with difficult circumstances? We have to remember that God is not a circumstantial God in that His Word does not change even when our worlds are changing.

Turning Away from Strife

Instead of letting the strife sever Abraham’s relationship with his nephew, Lot, Abram proposed they move in two different directions, and Lot was given the opportunity to choose his direction first. Lot had traveled with Abram when they left their homeland to follow God. Lot decided on the choice land, but God’s promise to Abram wasn’t limited to what looked good. If Abram thought going in a new direction on his own meant that he would have less, he would have been wrong. God’s earlier promise was only confirmed in response to his obedience.

Hidden in a Temporary Place

David was on the run from Saul. He had gone to the king of Gath to seek refuge, but the king had known of David’s military victories. David then turned to a cave as his place of refuge. In that place of disappointment, people began to gather around him. Interestingly, the people who gathered around him were facing their own difficulties. A group of people with no place to go, and their new leader, David, was on the run. What happened to the promise that God would set David as king? Samuel, the prophet, had anointed David as the next king years before. David wasn’t king yet.