Welcome to a journey of gratitude that transcends mere thankfulness; it’s about embracing gratitude, setting intentions, and rejoicing in life’s victories.

This Christian devotional journal provides dedicated space for daily reflections on gratitude, heartfelt prayers, setting achievable goals, nurturing ambitious dreams, and celebrating accomplishments – all essential components meticulously woven into a seamless daily Christian journal routine. The introduction is your roadmap, guiding you through this daily journal practice, unveiling the most effective ways to make the Thankful Thoughts Journal an integral part of your life.

The Thankful Thoughts Journal is not just a personal transformation tool; it’s a meaningful gift for those dear to you. Share the power of gratitude with the important people in your life. Embark on a journey of gratitude, prayer, and personal growth with the Thankful Thoughts Journal – a companion for a purpose-driven life.

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Smart Work U Book

Smart Work U is a movement of people who have had enough with student loan debt. Can you think of at least one person you know who graduated college with student loan debt? Has it limited their decisions after college? Have they settled for less than their dreams? Hona Amer, founder of Smart Work U, helps students implement specific strategies to avoid student loan debt. In the book, Smart Work U, she shares the principles, techniques, and strategies she used so you can make your way through college and graduate in less than four years.

From scholarships, grants, study tips to CLEP tests and personal finances, you will learn the secrets to college that no one else is talking about.  Amer challenges  “old school thinking” that you have to have thousands of dollars of debt to graduate and that it takes 4 or more years to get your degree. You need a college mentor, and the book, Smart Work U, is the most cost effective way to get ready for college!

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