“We are what we repeatedly do. 

Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

In a world where everyone wants to be different, we all have daily routines or habits that dictate our lives.  Whether you do the same thing every morning when you wake up in the morning or eat the same thing for lunch everyday, we try to maintain consistency and order in our lives. 

What habits exist in your life today that you do not like or want?  Decide to change your bad habits by consistently replacing them with good habits for 30 days.  After the month has passed, it will have become more natural to daily practice the good habit. 

If we desire to put excellence into our daily routines, we must simply repeatedly practice applying excellence to everything we do.  If you typically do everything just ok, then this will be quite the exercise for you.  Webster defines excellent as being first class. 

So, in your job, school work, family life, church community, etc., be first class.  Do ordinary tasks as if they deserved a first class touch.  People will notice the change, but the feeling of accomplishment will far exceed the attention of others.  And maybe, just maybe…the ordinary, mundane tasks will turn into the extraordinary!