How often do we fail to enjoy life?  We become so busy in reaching a goal or destination that we miss the process.  Joyce Meyer challenges readers in Enjoying Where You are on the Way to Where You are Going to enjoy life.  The journey is life, so take time to enjoy and value your family, work, and even relaxation.  She challenges you to bring simplicity back into your life, and to let go of reasons you have no joy.  As I read the book, I began to see how I am goal focused and tend miss the process.  God wants us to honor Him not only with our lives, but also with our attitudes.

These are a couple of great quotes I took from the book.

Without faith, I cannot enjoy my life.  Every time I lay aside my faith and stop believing, I lose my peace, and as soon as I lose my peace, my joy goes with it.”

“God gives me grace for today, but He does not give me grace today for yesterday or tomorrow.  When I am trying to live yesterday today, it brings great pressure.  The same thing happens if I am out into the future, dreading it or trying to figure it out.”

If you dread things in the future or regret your past, you need to read this book!  Enjoy!