Since I frequently read, I want you to start sharing the experience with you. Walking Wisely by Charles Stanley is a practical guide to making wise decisions in every aspect of life.  He reminds us that we need people in our life, but admonishes us to be wise in choosing those people.  Also, Stanley offers great perspective on the wholeness of life, and our opportunity to honor God in the way that we live.  He addresses the need for wisdom in relationships, conflict, and temptation, as well as the benefits of wisdom.  Ultimately, we make a wise decision when we surrender our life to Jesus by placing our faith in Him.

These are a couple of great quotes I took from the book.

“When we focus only on what we need in a given moment, we lose all sense of the big picture of our lives.”

“Anticipate trouble points- go over your day’s agenda with the Lord early each morning and specifically ask for the Holy Spirit’s help and guidance as you enter situations or encounters that you believe may produce temptation.”

If you want to live wisely, I would recommend you read this book.  It is extremely practical in the “how to” of life. Enjoy!