“That roused the Philistine, and he started toward David. David took off from the front line, running toward the Philistine. David reached into his pocket for a stone, slung it, and hit the Philistine hard in the forehead, embedding the stone deeply. The Philistine crashed, facedown in the dirt.  That’s how David beat the Philistine—with a sling and a stone. He hit him and killed him. No sword for David!” 1 Samuel 17:48-50


If you have ever watched children play, they can make a game out of anything.  If you just hand them a piece of paper, they are either drawing a masterpiece or making a paper spaceship.  It isn’t hard for them; they just use whatever is in their hand.

David used the thing in his hand, a sling shot, to accomplish one of the greatest battle victories of all time.  Although others tried to complicate his tactic, David took the sling shot and faith in God to face the impossible.  What has God placed in your hand?  How are you using it?  David could have discredited it and said that it was just a sling shot.  He could have listed a number of other excuses.  However, his faith in God’s ability to use him in the here and now with just the thing he had in his hand is incredible.  You don’t have to wait until “someday” to do something for God.  Look around and see what is in your hand.  It might not look very glorious or useful to you, but it might be just the thing that God wants to use.

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