“The mark of a good leader is loyal followers; leadership is nothing without a following.” Proverbs 14:28


When you were growing up, you were taught to follow the leader.  When you had to line up at school, everyone got in line and followed the leader.  If the line leader did not act appropriately, they were replaced by someone else.  Every student got a chance to be the line leader, but not every student led the line well.

In the same way, God raises up people into places of influence to be a “line leader.”  He positions them to positively influence those around them.  However, if no one is following, the influence is ineffective.  God wants to use you to be a person of influence for the kingdom of God.  The platform at work, school, or at home is an opportunity from God to lead the people around you to Jesus.  Don’t let opportunities slip by to be a strong voice for God.  Don’t forfeit your influence on trivial matters.  No matter the number of people following you, lead them to Jesus.  Be a person of influence that people want to follow, and in turn, allow God to cultivate leadership in their lives, as well.

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