Reflections on 2010: It is amazing the journey that God will take you on each year if you let Him. These represent thoughts, lessons, and moments over the course of the last year. May you be blessed as you read them and inspired to intentionally see God in your life in 2011!

1. Ask God to direct your steps and start walking instead of directing your own steps and asking God to help you walk.

2. The hero is not the person who is self-sufficient but the person who empowers others.

3. Be obedient to God.  Don’t delay even when it requires effort on your part.

4. Help other people on their journey.  You will find that you are moving forward as well.

5. “God gives me grace for today, but He does not give me grace today for yesterday or tomorrow.  When I am trying to live yesterday today, it brings great pressure.  The same thing happens if I am out into the future, dreading it or trying to figure it out.”- Joyce Meyer

6. The ability to listen is a powerful thing.

7. Words can change the course of a person’s destiny. Speak words of life.

8. A life of faith does not just sit in a chair.

9.  You cannot save people, but you can love them and show them Jesus.  Pray, believe, and let God do the saving.

10. Don’t let the position titles of the past claim your identity.

11. Impossible situations produce a clear testimony of God’s power.

12. Sleep puts your nerves at ease.  The opposite is also true.

13. When God seems absent, He is really bringing us to a point of readiness.

14. Embrace small opportunities.

15. Don’t allow your setbacks to be final failures.

16. Increase your expectation to accommodate God’s expansion of your life.

17. If you don’t ask people to help you, they won’t.

18. Some answers to prayer only come through fasting.

19. Empower others to lead.

20. Youth ministry will stretch you out of your comfort zone.

21. Your life needs to include other people.

22. When you shake someone’s hand when you are trying to leave and they bow their head and start praying, just go with it. 🙂

23. God lives in the impossible.

24. We too easily let uncertainty dictate our faith.

25. If your relationship with God is right and growing, all the other relationships in your life will work themselves out.

26. God always has more for you.

27. Sometimes the only way people see Jesus is by how you treat them even when they don’t know Him.

28. Saying “yes” to too many things will cause burnout.

29. Confront the problem when you are spread too thin by saying no or delegating responsibility.

30. Life occurs in seasons.  Every season is not the same.

31. If you ever want to accomplish a dream, do one small thing every day.

32. Don’t give up even when all odds are against you.

33. Prayer opens doors that seemed permanently closed.

34. When God says no, accept it.  Don’t justify God’s answer into the answer you want.

35. In order to hear God speak, you have to be still, drop your own agenda and needs, and simply wait on God.

36. The river of God will take us places we’ve never been in a manner we’re unaccustomed to.” – Lisa Bevere

37. God knows the deepest desires of your heart.

38. If you want to write, just start writing.

39. Never doubt God’s plan even when all you see is storm clouds.

40. Don’t let insecurity take root in your life.  You will forfeit God-given opportunities because you are looking at your own strength and ability instead of God.

41. Enjoy each and every day.  Wake up and thank God for it.

42. Life in the fast lane always misses the flowers in the fields.

43. When your plans fail, make a new plan and keep moving forward.

44.We are surprised by answered prayer, because we see God’s power as limited.

45. Taking care of your body will enable you to take care of the other things in your life and be full-on.

46. People will not always meet your expectations.

47. “Worship God. Applaud him loud and often. For your sake, you need it.  And for heaven’s sake, he deserves it.” – Max Lucado

48. Reading is a discipline that will develop you more than you imagine.

49. God answers us in silence to remind us that we need Him more than the answer.

50. The more you step out toward your dream, the bigger the dream becomes.

May 2011 hold more opportunities, favor, and blessing as you continue to walk with God.