“But I’m worshiping you, God, calling out in thanksgiving! And I’ll do what I promised I’d do! Salvation belongs to God!” Then God spoke to the fish, and it vomited up Jonah on the seashore.” Jonah 2:9-10


When someone breaks a promise or doesn’t keep their word, it is disappointing and frustrating.  People’s promises are valuable, and it hard when you count on someone to do something and they don’t come through for you.

Jonah had answered yes to the call of God.  However, when God told Jonah to go, he said no.  Jonah was on the run, and it took a storm and belly of a fish for him to have a change of heart.  Jonah had a time of remembering in the belly of the fish and realized the extent to which God had gone to get his attention. He finally said that he would do what he promised he would do.

We are all faced with the call of God on our lives.  We agree to serve the Lord no matter the cost or direction.  Then, we are faced with times when God says go and we want to say no.  Maybe we haven’t physically run from God in the opposite direction, but our hearts are stubborn and refuse to be obedient.  We ask God to send someone else.  Even better, we find someone else for God to send. God is not looking for a substitute or replacement; He is looking for you.  The challenge is to stand by your word and follow God in obedience.  Do what you promised you would do.  No one else might even know the conversations you have had with God.  However, He knows, He remembers, and He is waiting for you to follow Him.  When God says go, just don’t say no.