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Then he asked Jesse, “Is this it? Are there no more sons?” “Well, yes, there’s the runt. But he’s out tending the sheep.”Samuel ordered Jesse, “Go get him. We’re not moving from this spot until he’s here.”  Jesse sent for him. He was brought in, the very picture of health— bright-eyed, good-looking.  God said, “Up on your feet! Anoint him! This is the one.” 1 Samuel 16:11-12


When young athletes are chosen to train to become Olympians, it is usually based on their potential.  Coaches can look at a rising swimmer, gymnast, or runner and see their potential to be the best in the world.  It can be based on their speed or agility, but coaches are still looking for potential.

Samuel was discouraged.  Every person he thought God would choose as the next King turned out to be the wrong person.  He was wondering if he had misunderstood God’s direction.  When all hope was almost lost, there was one more possibility, the runt.  The runt, David, was out tending the sheep.  He hadn’t even been invited to the meeting with the prophet.  His own family didn’t even see his potential.  As David came before Samuel, God chose him to be the next King.  Imagine the shock of his own father and brothers.  How could their little shepherd boy be a King?  God saw David’s potential even while he was sitting under a tree in a field full of sheep.  He saw David’s potential when everyone else had overlooked him.  In the same way, God sees your potential and is choosing you to do great things for Him.