My new book is almost out. It comes out officially on August 2011!

Here is the cover and the title:

I’m really excited about it!  I will be sharing more with you over the next few weeks. I’ll be talking about it on Twitter with @SmartWorkU. In the meantime, here’s the description of what it’s all about:

Smart Work U: Get Your Degree the Smart Way

Is it possible to go to college for two-and-a-half years and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree? I did.  You can, too. In the book, Smart Work U, I share the principles, techniques, and strategies I used so you can make your way through college and graduate in less than four years.

The modern college experience is very different than it was a generation ago. This was before the Internet, before the proliferation of home computers, and before the fast-pace digital world we live in today. These days, things are much different. We’re a generation who grew up multi-tasking. We have technology that enables us to do things in a fraction of the time it took to do them just ten years ago.

So shouldn’t our college experience be different too? Since we get information in new ways, since we have to process so much more data, since we have new technology at our disposal, is going to college for four years to earn a Bachelor’s degree really necessary?

I proved that it isn’t.

From scholarships, grants, study tips to CLEP tests and personal finances, you will learn the secrets to college that no one else is talking about.  I challenge  “old school thinking” that you have to have thousands of dollars of debt to graduate and it takes 4 or more years. Your college adventure awaits you. Are you ready?

It’s time to work smarter!

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