“For there was constant coming and going. They didn’t even have time to eat. So they got in the boat and went off to a remote place by themselves. Someone saw them going and the word got around. From the surrounding towns people went out on foot, running, and got there ahead of them. When Jesus arrived, he saw this huge crowd. At the sight of them, his heart broke—like sheep with no shepherd they were. He went right to work teaching them.” Mark 6:31-34


You know that nudging you feel inside when you think about calling to check on someone?  Maybe it’s a grandparent that you haven’t talked to recently, or a friend struggling in school, or a parent that you need to thank.  At the moment, it seems optional or inconvenient.  But, there just might be a reason that God placed them on our heart.

Things become inconvenient when our lives do not allow for the unexpected. The disciples did not know that a group of people were following them to the other side of the water.  Jesus saw the crowd of people as a divine opportunity, not an obligation or inconvenience.  The needs of the people touched his heart, not just his head.  Logic would have said to dismiss the crowd; love said to teach the crowd.  Investing our time into important things or people can be inconvenient.  Jesus recognized that people are important.  Although people did not ultimately dictate his schedule, He always made time for them.  Making time for people can be inconvenient, because it is easier to go without the phone call or text to tell someone that they matter.  It’s easier to sit at home watching TV instead of reaching out to people in need.  If you can accept that it will never be easy or convenient to positively impact people’s lives, you will be ready to embrace the unexpected divine opportunities God brings into your life.