“God said to Gideon, ‘You have too large an army with you. I can’t turn Midian over to them like this—they’ll take all the credit, saying, ‘I did it all myself,’ and forget about me. Make a public announcement: Anyone afraid, anyone who has any qualms at all, may leave Mount Gilead now and go home.’ Twenty-two companies headed for home. Ten companies were left.God said to Gideon: ‘There are still too many. Take them down to the stream and I’ll make a final cut. When I say, ‘This one goes with you,’ he’ll go. When I say, ‘This one doesn’t go,’ he won’t go.’… Three hundred lapped with their tongues from their cupped hands. All the rest knelt to drink. God said to Gideon: ‘I’ll use the three hundred men who lapped at the stream to save you and give Midian into your hands. All the rest may go home’.” Judges 7:2-4, 6-7 (MSG)


If you have a life controlling addiction, it usually requires drastic measures to get victory and to overcome it. You have to change the places you go, the people you hang out with, and the things you put into your mind.  You have to make changes to prevent ending up in the same situation again.  When we take drastic measures against anything, we bring about a radical change.

God required Gideon to take drastic measures in order to ensure victory against the Midianites.  In every army personnel manual, it would seem that the more people in the army, the better.  But, God is not limited by what “seems” to work.  He wants to bring victory but is not willing to hand the credit over to the Israelites.  How many times is that us?  We set our lives up in such a way that we get the credit for the miracles God performs.    Then, we come to the place where God asks us to trust Him to bring the victory. We calculate and strategize, but our logical plan doesn’t even compare with what God can do.  Ephesians 3:20 (MSG) says, “God can do anything, you know.”  Yet, like Gideon, we know that in our head until God tests us. At that point, we must begin to believe God with our whole being.  What is God asking you to do today, even if it requires drastic faith, to give Him credit for the victory He wants to bring in your life? We have two options. First, we can settle for the answer we can manufacture in our own knowledge.  Or, we can trust God for the victory even if the army coming against us is 10 times larger. If you want God’s results, you always have to do it God’s way.  Instead of hesitantly succumbing, let’s anticipate the victory God can bring rather than looking at the armies coming against us.

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