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[dropcaps style=’square’]R[/dropcaps]ecently, I was coming inside through the back door. My hands were full, so when I turned around to close and lock the door, it wasn’t possible. I thought, “I guess I will just leave it open.” Eventually, I emptied my hands and came back to lock the door. We think it is normal to close and lock doors. Yet, the imagery is telling. The thing about open back doors is that many of us have them open in our lives. It might not be our literal back door, but in our relationship with God, we try to keep the back door open just in case. We want to help God by having a way out. In our journey of faith and trusting God, an open back door can make it difficult to respond to God in obedience.

Closing the Back Door

When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, it was a test. Abraham responded in obedience and made the three day journey to the mountain. Even when he got to the mountain, he could have taken an animal with him up the mountain for the sacrifice just in case he needed it. But, he didn’t. He took God at his Word. Abraham had no plan B; his only plan was to be obedient and trust God. He probably had questions; he wondered how God would come through for him. He was supposed to be the father of many nations. God had given him that promise years earlier. How could God’s promise be fulfilled in his life if he had no son? As Abraham walked up that mountain with his son, he had closed the back door. If God did not come through, it would be over. When relying solely on God, God had an opportunity to build his faith. There was an animal on that mountain that God provided, but if Abraham had never stepped out in obedience, he would have missed the miracle.


When Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt, he faced the Red Sea. Even though God parted the Sea, he had to decide if he would walk through on dry ground. If he did, then he would be closing the back door. There wouldn’t be a way to go back to the old life in Egypt. As the Red Sea closed, Moses would have to rely solely on the Lord to provide for the people as they walked through the wilderness. In being obedient to the Lord, he had no other option but to trust the Lord. In trusting the Lord, he would witness the miracle of food from heaven and water from rocks.


As Queen Esther approached the king about the coming affliction against her people, she had a significant risk. She was putting her life on the line with a bold request. She couldn’t control how the king would respond. She was obedient to God, but she could not have guaranteed the outcome. When she made her request, she closed the back door, and her only option was to trust God.

 Live by Faith 

When we consider Abraham, Moses, and Esther, it seems like faith should be easy. It appears easy because we know the outcome. As they were walking through their life, they didn’t know the outcome. They didn’t know how God was going to come through for them. Yet, they still closed the back door in their lives. There was no other way but to step out in faith and follow God.


Sometimes we leave the back door open in our lives just in case God doesn’t come through for us. We keep strategizing about our plan B. The life of faith requires us to trust God with everything, not just the things that seem like they will work out. When we are walking in obedience to God’s leading, then we need to close the back door. God wants to work in greater ways than you have even experienced. We have to be careful to not impose our limitations onto God. We have to rise up and get a bigger picture of God’s power at work in us. If you are relying on your own strength, wisdom, and abilities, you should keep the back door open, because it is up to you. Yet, if you are walking by faith, you don’t need a back door. God is able to help you. Stop leaving the back door open.


Let Him bring the miracle. Let Him orchestrate your life. Let Him hold your future.


Though initially scary, closing the back door in our faith walk actually opens a new door – a door only God could open.
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