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[dropcaps style=’square’]W[/dropcaps]e don’t want to include people in our dreams sometimes, because we are afraid that we might fail. It might not happen. Our plans might not turn out like we thought they would. So, we want to protect ourselves; we want to protect our dreams and plans. We believe this myth: only share the good stuff. What is the result? Picture perfect lives that seem worthy of posting online.


Most people desire to be known. One of the things that we usually tuck away into our hearts are our dreams. Dreams coming to fruition are exciting. Yet, the reality is that most people are facing hard things, too. They are in the midst of struggling to find hope to keep trudging onward. We can relate when someone walks into our lives, raises their hand, and says “me too.” We relate to the struggle and imperfection. Sometimes we have to be the person willing to start the conversation. 


Although a person shouldn’t be vulnerable with everyone and in every situation, it is important to find people in your life that can journey with you. You may just be trying to save yourself from disappointment by not including people, but you also have the potential to “save” yourself from the excitement of the adventure. Great stories tell the story of overcoming – a challenge, an obstacle, a limiting mindset, the past, fear. We are not looking to be inspired by perfect stories, but we sure try to live a perfect story ourselves. Vulnerability accepts that it won’t be perfect, and in its imperfection is its beauty.

Vulnerability requires courage.

Vulnerability requires courage. You will probably still be afraid, but you might find that you are in good company – a company of others who are facing fear with great courage. Vulnerability is not about taking your “dirty laundry” and placing it online. It’s about being willing to journey with other people through the good and bad. It’s about sharing the wins and loses. It’s about encouraging each other to keep going.


Don’t just let someone celebrate with you; let them comfort you when it doesn’t work out like you planned. The fulfillment of the dream happens along the journey. If we don’t include anyone, we run the risk of reaching the point of accomplishing our dream by ourselves with no one to celebrate the victory and the challenges we had to overcome.  They won’t know there were challenges along the way if you don’t include them. 

We all need people.

Throw picture perfect away. In including other people, your dream has the chance to go farther faster. We all need support. We all need cheerleaders. It might be your spouse or a friend or a community group in your life. Find people in your life who need you to cheer for them, as well. When you start extending invitations, you may be surprised to find that your courage will inspire someone else. 

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