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[dropcaps style= ‘square’]T[/dropcaps]he calendar has turned to August. Today, I watched as a few leaves fell from a tree, and I stopped. It caught me by surprise, because surely it isn’t time for fall. There are more bright, summer days to be lived. Although it doesn’t seem time yet, the few leaves turning early, letting go of their hold and drifting to the ground, are a reminder that the season will change. We will trade the good moments of summer for the good moments of fall. We are not digressing; we have not experienced all the best moments of this year. In every season, there is something worth savoring.

 Changing Seasons


In the same way as the seasons begin to turn, you may be experiencing the slow change of colors that indicate that the season is changing in your life, as well. You might sense the gentle winds of change swirling around you. Sometimes they are less gentle and feel more like a swelling squall. Yet, maybe our perspective on change influences how it effects us. A hard path is to walk in resistance to the change God is bringing into your life. We can feel like we are fighting against the current. Instead of fighting it, we have to make sure that we are loving God more than loving our season. Things change; it’s inevitable. But, how we change will change our story.


Transitions and “in-between” seasons can cause us to wade through deep waters. I think God allows for gradual signs and reminders, because He is gracious. He is wanting us to grow into the change. The places in our heart where we need to change our beliefs, overcome insecurities, and let go of bitterness can be difficult to face. For you, it might be heartache, disappointment, or something else. Yet, it all can make us ask this question. Why would God make us face those things? The answer is because we can’t carry all of these things to the place God is taking us. He knows, so He begins the work of change in our hearts so that we can grow into the change in our lives.

Embrace the Change


I want to hold tightly to this season, because God has been here. He has directed and orchestrated. He has healed and restored. Yet, it is best to be where God is. There is good in every season, because God is in every season. Don’t hold tightly to the good of your previous season if God is leading you to a new place. There are good things there too, because God’s goodness doesn’t run out. Let the gradual change of seasons remind you of God’s presence in the midst of change. There is blessing in change if God is in it.


Fall is not here yet, but the season will eventually come. It will usher in moments around the fire, sipping tea with friends, and holidays to celebrate. As the seasons change in your life, the slow season of transition can be the biggest blessing if you allow it. Allow Him to prepare your heart as only He can do.


“The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. 

You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.” (Isaiah 58:11 NLT)

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